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The T.E.I of the Ionian Islands was established with the title “Technological Education Institute (T.E.I) of the Ionian Islands” according to Government Gazette issue 156/20-6-2004. It belongs to the technological sector of Higher Education and functions as a legal entity under Public Law, completely self-governed under the supervision of the State, exercised by the Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs.

Its objectives and mission are determined by article 1 of Law 1404/1983 and article 1 of L. 2916/2001 in accordance with what applies to Technological Education Institutes. As for its establishment, on the one hand, it aims at the regional development and decentralization of Greek Higher Education, on the other hand, at dealing with the social, cultural and developmental needs of the district of the Ionian Islands that are connected with the following cognitive realms of applied sciences and arts:

a.    Ecology and the Environment
b.    Agriculture
c.    Finance and Administration
d.    Music, Sound and Image.

The seat of T.E.I of the Ionian Islands is Argostoli. With the establishment of the Faculties, Departments and other branches of the Institute, their seats are established in other towns of the district of the Ionian Islands.

Six departments, which offer studies in contemporary cognitive subjects as well as good prospects in the job market for the graduates, now operate at the T.E.I of the Ionian Islands. The departments of the Institute are situated in the isles of Kefalonia (Argostoli and Lixouri), Zakynthos and Lefcada, whereas the seat of the T.E.I. is located in Argostoli of Kefalonia.

It is worth mentioning that the technological institute is now in collaboration with other Greek universities for the purpose of planning post-graduate study courses.


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