Studies: Erasmus

Access to the Erasmus Program

Within the framework of the Lifelong learning program, the program Erasmus addresses:

*  Students and trainees learning in all forms of tertiary level education and training.

*  Tertiary-level institutions as defined by the member states.

*  Teachers, trainers and other staff within those institutions

*  Enterprises, social partners and other representatives of working life.

*  Public and private institutions, including non-profit organisations and NGO responsible for the organisationand delivery of education and training at local, regional and national standard.

*  Research centres andbodies involved in lifelong learning.

*  Bodies which provide counselling, information and guidance services..

27 member countries of the European Union participate in this program, 3 countries of the European Economic areas ( Ireland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Turkey.

Home and host institutions must be members of the EUC European University Charter.

Operational objectives of the Erasmus program

1.   Apart from the goals of the Lifelong learning program LLP, the specific objectives of the Erasmus program are:

*  support the realisationof a European Higher Education area.

*  to reinforce the contribution of higher education and advanced vocational education to process of innovation..

2.   The operational objectives of the Erasmus program are:

*   to improve the quality and quantity of students and academic staff mobility, so that the program attains, up to 2012, participation of at least 3 000 000 individuals in student mobility under theErasmus program.

*  to improve the quality and to increase the volume of multicultural cooperationbetween higher education institutions in Europe..

*  to increase the degree of transparency and compatibility between higher education and advanced vocational education qualifications gained in Europe.

*  to improve the quality and to increase the volume of cooperation between tertiary-level institutions and enterprises.

*  to facilitate  the development of innovative practices in education and training at tertiary level, and their transfer between participating countries.

*  to support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services,pedagogies and good practise for lifelong learning .

Erasmus Activities

The following activities are included in the Erasmus program:

a)  Individual mobility. Mobility includes:

*  mobility of students with the purpose of studying and work placements in enterprises, training centres, research units and other organisations.

*  mobility of teaching staff in tertiary-level institutions in order to teach or receive training in a partner institution abroad.

*  mobility of other staff in tertiary-level institutions and staff of enterprises for the purpose of training or teaching.

*  intensive programs Erasmus organised on a multilateral basis.

Support may also be granted to tertiary-level education institutions of the home and host countries for effort in the preparation in learning a new language.

b)  Main activities:

*  multilateral projects which focus on innovation and experimentation and the exchange of good practice in the areas mentioned in the specific and operational objectives.

*  networks run by consortia of higher education institutions and representing a discipline or a cross-disciplinary field (Erasmus Thematic Networks) which aim to develop new learning concepts and competencies. Such networks may also include representatives from other public bodies or from erasmusenterprises or associations.

*  other initiatives aimed at promoting the objectives of the Erasmus program including activities to make language learning more attractive to learners through the mass media and/or marketing, publicity and information campaigns. (" Accompanying Measures")

"Erasmus students" must satisfy the following conditions:

*  students enrolled in a formal program of study at tertiary education level leading to a degree or a diploma (including doctoral level) in one of the participating countries.

*  students who are citizens of one of the participating countries.

*  students who have completed at least the first year of their university studies.


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