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The capital of the Municipality of Palliki appears in the records of the Venetian Senate since 1534 and it is the most historic town in the modern history of Kefalonia.

Built on the east coastline of the peninsula, it is a modern town that has all the infrastructure that is necessary to provide a proper lifestyle to its inhabitants. The history and civilization of the region of Lixouri begin from the depths of Ancient Mythology, with the wider area of Pali named after Palea, the son of the first legendary king of Kefalonia, Kefalos. In the course of history, we find the people of Pali taking part in the siege of Troy, taking part in the battle of Plataies and the Peloponnesian War, by the side of the Athenians fighting against Phillip the Macedonian and the Romans, constituting a province of Byzantium, taking part in the wars of the Republic of Venice and in the European Renaissance.

In Lixouri, the historic mansion of the Iakovatos family houses the public library of Kefalonia with a contemporary collection of books as well as historical publications, such as “The Complete works of Hippocrates”, edition of the year 1595, manuscript Gospels and the remarkable records of the Divinity School of Halke. It also houses the Band School of Lixouri that is one of the oldest in Greece. Lixouri is the intellectual cradle of Kefalonia. Men like Elias Miniatis, Vikentios Damodos, Andreas Laskaratos, Petros Skarlatos, Dionisios Lavragas and contemporary academics such as Amilkas Alivizatos, Dionisios Zakinthinos and Spiros Marinatos, are some of the intellectual offspring of this land.

The inhabitants of the area are open-minded, filled with cheerfulness and good humor, true-born descendants of Andreas Laskaratos, always willing to extend a warm welcome to their visitors. With a multitude of cultural, religious and athletic events, such as the International winter cross-Gulf swimming competition of Kefalonia, the Carnival, the cycling tour of Kefalonia starting from Lixouri, the choir and band festival, barcaroles and singing nights, Lixouri is the perfect setting for a pleasant stay filled with rewarding recreation activities for inhabitants and visitors alike. The town also has a modern theatre, a stadium with a natural grass turf as well as an indoor gymnasium.

Lixouri is accessed either by ship with direct connection from Killini’s port in Peloponnese or through Patras by car or by buses of the local bus station. Another way is from the ports of Vasiliki in Lefcada, Astakos, Schoinari in Zakynthos and by airplane from Athens, Salonika, Corfu, Aktio and Zakynthos.



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